April 9, 2017

Baby Goats!

As you might have seen on social media (we are harping on about it), we have welcomed four adorable baby goats to the farm. It’s been pure joy and sadness, learning about motherhood and newborn kids, and the ups and downs of nature.

It’s hard to write about some of the details, so instead we’re going to introduce to each kid and tell you about their blossoming personalities…


Full of beans, but still likes a hug, Bitzer was the first baby born.  In the first few hours, Pumpkin struggled with shock, and so there was an hour or so of cuddling to keep warm, where he made fast friends with his humans.  Bitzer loves nothing more than to play, and enjoys the challenge of climbing on human-beings.  He also bestows kisses, and will pause play for a quick hug and nose nibble.  He shows the most signs of jealously, and is the only baby goat to sulk with us so far.  Bitzer is always falling off things, though he is never put off to try again, only higher.  He leaps with enthusiasm rather than accuracy!



The only girl of the kid crèche, Strudel is beautiful and adores long cuddles. She has inherited some shyness from her Mum, although she will cautiously explore anything and misses nothing. Strudel and her Mum Pumpkin are already incredibly close – which is lovely, as Pumpkin is showing signs of missing Truffle. Strudel copies most everything her mum does, including nibbling bread. Strudel also has a habit of nibbling her mummy’s horns and trying to clamber onto her back. She is agile, quick, and always on alert – by far the fastest goat we’ve ever had. Luckily she trusts us enough to happily melt into her human’s arms.



Chumley has a healthy set of lungs, yelling out moments after he was born, letting us know he was very much alive. He is very vocal, with a range of different bleats, whines, and shouts that let us know exactly how he feels. He is also quite chilled, and despite being the oldest of the twins, was much later to walk/bounce/climb than his brother Zebedee, preferring to snuggle and take in the view. He likes to explore the barn and climb on his people; he doesn’t like peeing, as he feels left out, and will strain to see what the others are doing without him, often complaining.  Chumley appears to be fascinated with Strudel – we think he is besotted.



Living up to his namesake, Zebedee is always bouncing, jumping, leaping, and gallivanting around the place. After being born, he was incredibly quick to be up and toddling about, with the vet even showing surprise at how mobile and ‘lively’ he was. This, however, shows up his rather short attention span – he will even interrupt feeds to have a bounce, before wailing for more milk. He is in competition with Bitzer to see who can achieve the highest and most complex jump. When these jumps, however, end in a crash landing, Zebedee will run to a human for cuddles and kiss-it-better.


Already the kids’ are all playing together and getting along. Pumpkin is being amazingly patient with the late Truffle’s babies. The three boys’ are chaotic together, jumping, bashing, nudging each other off boxes and buckets. Strudel too plays along but is a lot more gentle, and only her twin, Bitzer, rough-houses with his sister – as brothers are supposed to do. Already, the orphaned twins are watching and listening to Pumpkin and

her babies, even copying habits such as nibbling hay. Undoubtedly they will benefit from a lot of goaty experience that human’s just can’t understand. We hope that when the weather is brighter, and the babies older, they will be able to live together outside.

All the babies are tame and comfy around people, and seem to enjoy the attention of visitors. Playtime with

visitors is a particular hit with Bitzer, who loves the challenge of new people to scramble all over. Zebedee too has started to climb on us, so in no time he should be hopping onto people’s laps. Shy Strudel and the laid-back Chumley seem much more content to cuddle the visitors. We’re telling you, baby goats are no fun at all!

If you’d like to come meet these furry bundles of joy – do not hesitate to get in touch!


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