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Visiting the Alpacas

+Are they Friendly?

Alpacas are inquisitive animals, and are interested in meeting new people, especially if there is food also! They often have a calming effect and are used in therapy sessions. Gentle, friendly, fluffy and mysterious: alpacas have a knack of making people fall in love with them.

+Do They Spit?

Umm… yes. But never without warning. All alpacas have a code of ears down, blank stare… back off! If you don’t back off, they’ll spit. This is mostly aimed at other alpacas. Occasionally us humans do something so out of line with ‘alpaca etiquette’… we get spit on. Shearing always involves spitting – quite rightly. Just remember, they always tell you first.

+Are They Good With Children?

Alpacas seem especially curious and engaging when children are around. They are gentle and calm as they carefully move around, dipping their heads for a small-person-sniff. Alpacas occasionally get spooked; sudden bursts of noise or darting about can make them run away. However, if some calmness is maintained, they are relaxed and inquisitive.

+What Do They Do?

Alpacas love a good walk; our boys are still being halter-trained, learning things like ‘walking past the scary pig’! This summer you will be able to come meet our boys, feed them and go for a little stroll if you wrap up warm! For more details, visit our trek and booking page