Meet the Boys

Meet the Alpacas

Meet the Alpacas then join us for coffee, cake and alpaca chat!

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Mungo is wonderful with people and seems to have a real fondness for children. He loves a nosy walk and is quick to make friends with anyone. Mungo is also a bossy little thing, despite being the smallest in the herd. He is in charge, except for when there’s something scary-looking… then he’s more than happy to step back!


Insch is a gorgeous alpaca and never takes a bad photo. He has many moods and expressions and always strikes a handsome pose when there is a camera around. Insch is shyest when it comes to food and contact but completely calm to walk and explore with. He is wary of any ‘newness’ in the field but loves dipping his head in his special blue feeding bucket. 


Moomin is a gentle giant, slow with the herd politics and a bit confused by life. He is calmest at being handled (thankfully, he’s a big boy!) with alpaca care jobs, such as injections and inspections. However, he absolutely hates vitamin paste, always pouting and making us feel terrible. He sees off any wayward ducks or trespassing cats but is spooked easily by stray hats or unfamiliar food bowls!


Gus was the first alpaca to feed out of our hand and now insists on only being handfed when he can get away with it. He is cautious at first but quickly will make friends when there is a hand full of food in sight. He is good at being walked, although complains (humming) the loudest when his halter is put on. He has a habit of putting his ears back, making him looking terribly sad, as he continues to sniff your hand long after the food has run out.