Deerness – Almost an Island

Deerness is a beautiful part of Orkney on the very east,  joined to the mainland by a narrow isthmus.

It has many stunning beaches, including the magical Dingies Howe, which folklore tells us is also home to a hill inhabited by trows.

The atmospheric Gloup is a collapsed sea-cave/blowhole and is a must see – great care must be taken when visiting the unfenced cliff-top walk.

Mull Head is a nature reserve, home to colonies of sea birds, and all over Deerness, glimpses of wildlife such as endangered hen harriers are a common sight.

The Brough of Deerness is an archaeological site, revealing Viking artifacts and dwellings, as well as life before the Vikings found Orkney.

The parish has a thriving farming community, a hub of island news in the form of the Deerness Stores and a fun-filled SWRI.

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