June 9, 2019

Farm Closed for 2019

Farm Tours Closed for 2019

We are very sorry to not be able to welcome you to our little farm this summer…


Our animal family are helping us stay smiling through this little bit of a tough time and are being wonderful furry therapy to their humans! They do, however, continue to be terribly naughty as usual and so we’re not short of laughter either! 

We hope you enjoy seeing your furry friends on social media, where we’ll be posting about their mischief, mayhem and all the fun they get up to! Though the animals are missing their adoring audience (you!) they are enjoying trying out new treats and activities we’re dreaming up for them. And, of course, we adore them all and tell them so every day. 

Mandy, Nick and Ellen hope you all have a fantastic summer – feel free to say hello in the comments every once in a while…

Thank you so much for your kind understanding,

Hugs from The Skate Rumple Menagerie and their Humans xxx


Eric still works hard and fills the farm with fun each week! He is helping us with all types of jobs, including routine care of our animals…

Eric feeding the alpaca boys


The Connect Project also continues to be a fun help to the farm, building a dry stone dyke, and redesigning the goat’s play area…

Can you see Ty peeping???


Cancellations: Unfortunately we cannot go ahead with already booked farm tours. We will get in touch with everyone due to visit – we are very sorry to disappoint and let folk down.

Messages: We’re working through messages and emails, which we are a bit behind with. We will try to get back to everyone. 

Charity Visits: We may, depending on our health and circumstances at the time, try to do a few visits for our chosen charities and V.I.P visitors who need routine to enjoy the farm. We cannot make any promises, but if you get in touch we will try and work out if a special visit is possible. 


Meet the Alpacas

Meet the Alpacas then join us for coffee, cake and alpaca chat!

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