February 20, 2017

Skate Rumple Newbies

We’re very excited to introduce to you our newest members of the Skate Rumple family. 

Margo, Edith and Agnes (those names sound familiar? Think Despicable Me!) and their Mummy Bramble made the long trip to Orkney last week. 


From the lovely SSPCA in Caithness, their new daddy drove to pick them up and bring them back on the ferry.  Originally, we only intended on adopting the three baby guinea pigs, but who could resist their gorgeous mummy too?

Mummy Bramble had a very rough start in life.  When the SSPCA rescued her, she was badly underweight and had been bred intensively.  After many trips to the vets, they got her back on her feet and looking her beautiful self.  Knowing her past, we have decided to label her a V.I.G.P – Very Important Guinea Pig.  Needless to say, Bramble will be getting lots of TLC.


The guineas seem to be settling in well, and are already showing glimpses of their personalities.  Edith is the most confident and the only one so far to have a snack in front of us.  (Top favourites are cucumber and green pepper with all the guineas.)  Agnes is super-quick and hard to catch, but today made a delightful purrrrring sound when being cuddled.  Margo is tiny and round and very mouse-like.  She likes to curl up into a small ball in your hand – or in your hat!  Bramble appears to be perfectly content when snuggled in your arms – already she is a Daddy’s Girl.




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